Gottlieb, Inc. is an aluminum deox manufacturer that specializes in purchasing, processing, and melting recovered aluminum. (ie: foil/pie plates, pet food containers, aerosol cans, off-spec/contaminated UBC’s). Gottlieb, Inc. has designed and implemented a unique MRF aluminum processing system with the goal of changing the way people value their used aluminum.  Find more at:

Gottlieb Inc Alum Rec

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The developing story - Recycle by Design is intended to facilitate important developments across Michigan above and beyond the normal course of action. An intentional public-private partnership approach that fosters the development of innovative projects needed to accelerate recycling activity will create new opportunities where none previously existed. All will be revealed on November 2nd with the release of the Challenge "Jump Kit" but stay tuned for opportunities to learn about Recycle by Design through webinars and meetings in the near future.Learn more...

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