Planet Aid is a textile collection and recycling organization. They use the box collection method, examples of which can be found across the country. They are also involved in and supportive of many community development interests. For more information, click the logo above. 

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P2 Grantees announced - The Michigan Recycling Coalition, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments and the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will be moving forward on a set of projects designed to gather data and information about Michigan's recycling system. The DEQ Community Pollution Prevention Grant Program funded projects include; efforts to gather a variety of data to establish baseline recycling rates, information about model programs, and a characterization of waste going to Michigan landfills. The timeline of two of the three projects will be accelerated so the data and information can be used to inform decisions about growing recycling in Michigan.

The MRC approached the grant opportunity in a unique way, pulling together an Advisory Group to explore the possibilities for addressing all three objectives of the grant. As a result wide variety of partners will be contributing to the effort. Resource Recycling Systems and Public Sector Consultantswill do much of the research with data collection help from the Michigan Association of Regions. The Michigan Soft Drink Association attracted funding from the American Beverage Association andCascade EngineeringClean Tech, and Emterra Environmental contributed funds to reach grant match requirements. A big THANKS to everyone who will be contributing to the effort...that likely includes you too!


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