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Another attack on Yard Waste Ban - A bill that seeks to overturn the ban on landfilling of yard clippings was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives earlier this week. HB 5659 of 2016 would amend sections 11514 & 11521 of 1994 PA 451, however, not to overturn the ban on incineration of yard clippings. The Bill is the result of ongoing capacity and siting issues in SE Michigan. The DEQ's Solid Waste & Sustainability Advisory Panel has discussed these and other composting issues in the context of potential updates to Part 115 and developed a set of principles that would guide the development of legislative language to resolve the issues. Many of these principles seek to raise the bar for composting facilities and encourage the development of additional capacity. However, with a new Bill in circulation and no clear direction from the SWSAP yet, stakeholders are encouraged to contact Representative(s) to share their perspective. The Michigan Recycling Coalition supports the ban on landfilling yard clippings. 

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