The Michigan Recycling Coalition fosters sustainability by

leading, educating, and mobilizing business, government, non-profit, and individuals

to advance their own and collective resource use and recovery initiatives in Michigan. 


        Our Vision - Members of the MRC look forward to a future...

  •             Where natural resources are managed to the environmental and economic benefit of every community.
  •             Where all possible uses for a given material are exhausted before being managed as waste.
  •             Where waste is managed in a way that causes minimal harm to habitat, wildlife and the environment.
  •             Where Michigan's high public & private waste diversion and participation rates are common knowledge and a source of State pride and economic benefit.
  •             Where recycling and composting are vital and sustainable services and collected materials have value in industries globally.
  •             Where the MRC and its members are recognized, influential leaders in effective resource use and recovery throughout the state.

Michigan Recycling Coalition Bylaws