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Reduce:  don't use as much! Use only 1 paper towel to dry your hands, a lunchbox instead of paper bags, and write or draw on both sides of your paper! By reducing, you decrease the amount of stuff you have to throw away.

Reuse: use what you already have for the same or other purposes. You can make instruments or crafts out of things like paper towel or toilet paper tubes, milk jugs, paper bags, and other things you use every day! By reusing, you give your items a new life.

Recycle: turn your old things into new things! Paper, plastic, metal, glass, even electronics and appliances can be recycled into something new. By recycling, you make sure your waste doesn't end up in the landfill. In fact, it might end up back in your house- in the form of something new!

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Recycling Crossword Puzzle (PDF) / (Answers)            RecyclinWordsearch (PDF) / (Answers)          Recycling Separation Worksheet (PDF)


3 R's Coloring Page(PDF)



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Recycle Everywhere in Canada made a great video showing what happens to recycled beverage containers!